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Hello everyone! Welcome to my 4th grade mathematics class. I am really looking forward to this year as it is my first year.


Class Rules: Students should

  1. Raise your hand if you would like to speak
  2. Clean up after yourself (leave the classroom the way you found it)
  3. Treat both the teacher and peers with respect 
  4. Stay quiet when others are speaking
  5. Pay attention when I am speaking

During the first class meeting I will go over these rules. Students are also expected to complete all assignments that are given both in class and for homework. If students do not understand an assignment or anything that is taught in class they are asked to speak to me and let me know so that I may help them understand.


Students will learn…

  1. Multi-digit multiplication and division
  2. Addition and subtraction of equivalent fractions
  3. Multiplication of fractions by whole numbers
  4. How to classify and analyze geometric figures based on their properties


Big Ideas:

Students will understand that there are many different forms and lengths that numbers can come in, and what kind of equation they can use to get the answer being asked.

Essential Questions:

  1. How can we determine the kind of math that is needed to be used?
  2. Why do you think there are so many different ways to deal with numbers/fractions?
  3. What things can you look for to determine your answer?
  4. Are there any ways you can double check your final answer?


Grading System

A     90-100%                         D      65-69% 

B     80-89%                            F       0-64%                           

C     70-79%                                                                                                                                      

Your grade will be based off of homework, test/quizzes, assignments and participation. Homework will be worth 30%, test and quizzes will be worth 20%, assignments will be worth 30% and participation will be worth 20%. Homework will not be graded on right or wrong answers, but on completion.

About Assignments:

I believe that school is a place where you can learn through mistakes. When doing homework, as long as students are displaying the right method, they will receive credit. If a student does not have the right answer, that is okay. In this class, when we review the homework and students can point out where they went wrong, that is GREAT. That shows improvement. If there is a question that they do not understand on any assignment, I do not want it left blank. Students are expected to try and then when it comes time for class, I want them to address the problem to me so we can figure it out together. Or if we do not review it, I would like them to come to me during free time to go over it. 


If there are any questions, feel free to contact me either by phone or by email.